*C GRADE* Always Growing Enamel Pin

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**Please note that this is a C grade pin -- meaning very visible flaws, hence the discounted price. By purchasing this grade you are agreeing to purchase a visibly defected pin.**

**C grade pins will not come with backing cards!! The pin will come with either purple heart or black rubber clutches! **

A reminder that through all the highs and lows we experience in life, we never stop growing. Life is an adventure after all -- it is never a straight path to where we want to be. Keep pushing through and moving forward no matter how difficult this moment may feel. That's how we keep on growing!

 1.5 inches tall / 0.75 inches tall 
★ Rose gold plating
★ Rose gold chain attachment
★ Hard enamel with screen printed details
Double and single purple heart-shaped rubber clutches


Please note that because enamel pins are all handmade, there are bound to be imperfections on each one! Therefore, pins are sorted into the following grading system:

C GRADE (chaotic lol) -- moderate to major flaws, very visible

can have either/or/all:
★ very noticeable imperfections in plating
★ more scuffs or nicks in plating or enamel
★ visibly dirty enamel, black spots, random marks

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