Calming Chamomile Tea Enamel Pin

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Mochi relaxing in a hot cup of tea, feeling soothed and sleepy with little calming chamomile flowers floating about.

 1.5 inches tall 
★ Rose gold plating
★ Hard enamel with screen printed details
★ Purple heart-shaped rubber clutch


Please note that because enamel pins are all handmade, there are bound to be imperfections on each one! Therefore, pins are sorted into the following grading system:

A GRADE (STANDARD) -- minor flaws, highest quality

★ minor imperfections in plating
 small, unnoticeable scuffs or nicks in plating or enamel
 small, unnoticeable air bubbles
★ minor areas of underfilling
★ minor off-set screen printing

B GRADE (SECONDS) -- moderate flaws, more noticeable

 more noticeable imperfections in plating
 moderate scuffs or nicks in plating or enamel
 missing spots of enamel 
★ multiple areas of minor underfilling
★ small marks on enamel
 more noticeable off-set screen printing