The Little Things in Life Stamp Washi Tape

It's important to appreciate some of the little things in life that we too often let pass by. Here are some reminders in the style of a stamp washi tape, so you don't forget to remember them! 🌷💖✨ 


♡ stamp-style washi tape
♡ 10 different stamp designs repeated in one roll
♡ 25mm x 5m

♡ Cut into individual stamps (use scissors for a straight & neat cut), or use as a strip!

DESIGNS (in order of appearance in images)
♡ taking a warm bath after a long day
♡ spending time with loved ones
♡ spending time with your furry friends and receiving their love back
♡ watching the rain outside your window while listening to music
♡ the little things in life title stamp
♡ exploring the beauty of nature under a beautiful sunset sky
♡ relaxing in your cozy bed with music
♡ watching the stars up in the beautiful night sky
♡ starting off your mornings with that first sip of coffee
♡ eating your favourite foods

Please note:
♡ actual colours may vary slightly due to screen display differences

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