Winter Wishes ❄️💜 Day to Night Theme

$9.50 USD

Welcome the winter season with Mochi in this cozy and snowy day & night theme! ❄️🌨️💜 This theme contains day and night variations of wallpapers + widgets so that you can customize your phone theme to change automatically with iOS 16/17 Focus Mode! Otherwise, it can be set up as normal to show one variation only if you'd like or if your device does not support automatic themes.

✅ The automatic full theme changing capability is tested on iOS 16/17 devices (iPhones).
✅ iPadOS now supports automatic wallpapers in Focus Mode! It is set up the same way as on iOS.
✅ Android devices can support automatic wallpapers using Modes & Routines. Widgets cannot be changed automatically in Android, only wallpapers.
MacOS does not support automatic wallpapers in Focus Mode.

This theme is a DIGITAL download for iOS, iPadOS & Android devices!*

INCLUDES (depending on which option you select):

♡ 76 .png icon files
♡ 4 .png small widgets (2 day, 2 night)
♡ 2 .png medium widgets (1 day, 1 night)
♡ 3 animated lockscreen .gifs
♡ 4 phone wallpapers (2 day, 2 night)
♡ 4 tablet wallpapers (2 day, 2 night)
♡ 2 desktop wallpapers (1 day, 1 night, included in full collection)
♡ PDF file with links to instruction videos

Please note that on iOS/iPadOS, custom icons do not show notification badges on the icon itself.

iOS 16+
focus mode/automatic themes
 iOS devices
♡ Android devices (updated, shows notification badges)

Once you purchase this phone theme, a digital file will be available for download on the page AFTER you checkout (your order confirmation page!)
There should also be an e-mail sent to you with the download link -- but in the case there is an issue of not receiving the e-mail immediately, please download the file via the order confirmation page post-checkout!

For sleepydaze digital products, refunds will NOT be issued.

Sharing or reselling sleepydaze digital downloads is strictly prohibited. Restricted to personal use only. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I'm using this theme now ~ both day and night. I also mixed Winter skies with this new day theme. It turned out so beautiful🩵

Jet again I adore my phone with with this new theme. Thank you jet again and I will follow you for as long as you are doing this!💗

Excited to see whats to come in the future✨🔮

Nicole (nicoledanielle_xx on IG)
A Magical Winter Theme

I already love Winter Skies but when I saw Winter Wishes, I knew I needed it asap. I realized that I can actually mix the two winter themes together which is really cool. Now I have twice as many setup options to choose from!

I absolutely recommend buying this theme and the rest of Jayne’s amazing creations! I love sleepydaze designs and mochi is the absolute cutest ❄️🐻‍❄️🩷


It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. KEEP IT UP SLEEPYDAZE! 🎉🌟

Lune Katsuki

Me enamore del tema como siempre,los colores,los diseños,muchas gracias por todo tu hermoso trabajo,te admiro mucho 😘

Diana ❄️
So cuteeee

I love this palette and the day night theme setup was so easy to follow!! This theme gives me the coziest winter feelings ❄️❄️