Chonky Mochi Phone Grip

$11.50 USD

It's time to make your device look cute & cozy with a chonky Mochi phone grip! Mochi will help you keep a good grip on your phone so you won't drop it, and he'll help your phone stand up on its own if you need! 🥲💖

♡ phone grip only
♡ size: 62mm height
♡ clear epoxy coating
♡ WHITE base grip with 3M adhesive
♡ magnetic base is NOT included
*shown on an iPhone 14 Pro Max in photos

*I HIGHLY recommend sticking phone grips onto magnetic bases to use with MagSafe cases!! I use this magnetic base with my phone grips.

♡ wipe down surface with alcohol and allow to dry
♡ peel off adhesive backing
♡ place in position and hold for min. 10 seconds

CASE SHOWN (not included):
lovely mochi checkers by sleepydaze (clear case)

the size of this chonky phone grip in its vertical orientation may peek slightly into the camera's view -- rotate the grip horizontally when using your camera! 
♡ actual colours may vary slightly due to screen display differences
♡ dark edges in the corners (visible only on the back and sides of the grip) are NORMAL -- this is due to laser cutting during production
♡ since all grips are handmade, they are split into 2 quality grades:

A GRADE - minimal imperfections (may still include specs but are minor)
B GRADE - visible specs/lint/imperfections on the face/edges of the grip, imperfections in the base of the grip
*either grade grips may have off-centre bases but this does not affect the overall usage, positioning and look of the grip from the front. 

**By purchasing this phone grip, you are agreeing to the possible flaws noted in the grade tiers above.

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