Cute Animated Lockscreen Widgets for iOS 16/17

$1.99 USD

Cute & animated lockscreen widgets for iOS 16/17 Lockscreens! 💗

This theme is a DIGITAL download for iOS 16/17 devices only!*** As of the new iOS 17 release, the lockscreen widgets are still compatible!

♡ 20 .gif files (these images are drawn in light grey but the colour changes according to what you have set as your lockscreen system colour!)

♡ iOS 16/17 + Handy application (App Store free download)

PLEASE NOTE: The widgets may not animate on the lockscreen sometimes -- you can tap on the widget to try "reloading" or "refreshing" the widget. The lockscreen widgets otherwise are still very aesthetically pleasing when not animating! :)

Click here to watch my IG reels tutorial to install these lockscreen widgets on iOS 16 using Handy!

Once you purchase this pack, a digital file will be available for download on the page AFTER you checkout (your order confirmation page!)
There should also be an e-mail sent to you with the download link -- but in the case there is an issue of not receiving the e-mail immediately, please download the file via the order confirmation page post-checkout!

For sleepydaze digital products, refunds will NOT be issued.

Sharing or reselling sleepydaze digital downloads is strictly prohibited. Restricted to personal use only. 

Customer Reviews

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Ahhh, I am over the moon excited that her animated widgets are available again! I have purchased multiple themes from her and every time I look at my phone I am filled with so much happiness. However, I was still missing her adorable lock screen widgets to go with whichever theme I am currently using. But not anymore 😊. Right now I’m using the “Have a Lovely Day” theme and use the shuffle (tap to switch between) feature so that I can use both lock screen wallpapers provided with this theme. If you haven’t purchased any of her themes and now widgets, I highly recommend. I suffer with mental illness and ever since I started using her themes, I’ve noticed how much my happiness levels have increased; while my sadness levels have significantly decreased!! I promise, you will not regret purchasing! Please go follow her on instagram (@sleepydaze_) and YouTube (@sleepydaze). And be sure to show her lots of love! Truly one of the greatest designers I’ve ever come across 🩷.

*I wanted to note that sometimes animated lock screen widgets will freeze (all animated LS widgets do this); but it will unfreeze. I just didn’t want anyone thinking there was something wrong with the widgets or the individuals device. And besides, these widgets are super cute animated or when momentarily frozen*

I apologize for the super long review and I truly hope everyone is having a lovely day 💕.

cara ✨
so cute 🥺✨

absolutely love these widgets <3 definitely recommend! sleepydaze is such a cute artist ✨🌙🌸🫧🥺

love them! 💖

such a talented woman! the icons are very comforting! really love them, definitely buying the themes! xoxo

So cute!!

I love these lockscreen widgets! They made my lockscreen sooo cute and it was easy to install, worth it!