Cute Essential Digital Planner Widgets & Stickers

$6.99 USD
This product is intended for use with digital planners used in note-taking applications such as GoodNotes and Notability on iPad, and Xodo or Noteshelf on Android.

Keep your days more organized with these cute essential widgets and stickers! Decorate your Mochi Digital planner with these matching stickers featuring habit trackers, bill trackers, lists, schedules, entertainment and more. Blank templates are also included so you can customize them to your needs!

Click here to watch my YouTube video using these widgets on the 2023 Mochi Planner!

♡ total of 326 stickers with drop shadow effect
♡ weekly habit tracker (sunday and monday start)
♡ water intake tracker
♡ notes & reminders
♡ goals and progress bar
♡ work/class schedule
♡ bills/subscription chart
♡ appointment/meeting schedules
♡ grocery lists, meals/meal plans
♡ book/tv show/movie/music stickers
♡ self-care checklist
blank templates to customize
♡ months, days and heart-shaped dates (numbers)
♡ provided in GoodNotes .collection files + transparent .PNG files
♡ GoodNotes 5 installation guide + HEX colour guide to match your text/highlights!

FONT USED (not included in this planner): Mochi Handwritten Font 

Once you purchase this digital planner, a digital file will be available for download on the page AFTER you checkout (your order confirmation page!)
There should also be an e-mail sent to you with the download link -- but in the case there is an issue of not receiving the e-mail immediately, please download the file via the order confirmation page post-checkout!

For sleepydaze digital products, refunds will NOT be issued.

This digital product is for personal use only. You may not reshare, resell or redistribute it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Way too cute, my heart melts!

I adored these stickers! I bought them a few days ago along with "Undated Mochi Digital Planner" and I don't regret a thing! It's my first time buying "digital stationery" and it think this will drive me to collect more digital stationery, definitely. Thank you very much for creating this! I hope you eventually make more digital stationery for me to purchase ;D

love love love!

I am absolutely in love! the widgets are adorable and I had actually asked if they would release these as a pack and I am so ecstatic that they did!! ♡ I love that there's more than one color palette available and I just love how functional they truly are!! I hope that they add some cute mochi stickers next time and some sleep tracking widgets! that would be so cool! Anyways, absolutely in love ♡ Thank you for releasing such adorable widgets, looking forward to more!!

lily <3
So cute~

No words, just in love with how cute and practical these are :3 got it to match with my new mochi planner too and everything matches so perfectly I cannot get over it!

Kelly Teo
So cute!

Waited for these to release so I can use them with the planner I got for 2023! So complete and beautiful, aesthetic and cute. Thank you!!