Sweet Day 🍓 iOS / iPadOS / Android Theme

$8.50 USD

Relax, study and work in a cozy pink workspace with Mochi! You've got a plate of chocolate strawberries, a cup of coffee and all the cute plants and decor you need. Plus a pink phone, laptop and iPad...it's going to be a sweet, sweet day! 🍓🎀🧸

This theme is a DIGITAL download for iOS, iPadOS & Android devices!*

INCLUDES (depending on which option you select):

♡ 70 .png icon files (can be used as small widgets)
♡ 1 .png medium widget
♡ 2 .png small widgets
♡ 1 lockscreen wallpaper
♡ 1 homescreen wallpaper
♡ 1 ipad lockscreen wallpaper + 1 ipad homescreen wallpaper
♡ 1 desktop wallpaper
♡ PDF file with links to instruction videos for iOS/iPadOS + Android installation

*Lockscreen widgets are NOT included and can be purchased here!

Please note that on iOS/iPadOS/Android, custom icons do not show notification badges on the icon itself.

♡ iOS devices
 Android devices (updated, shows notification badges)

Once you purchase this phone theme, a digital file will be available for download on the page AFTER you checkout (your order confirmation page!)
There should also be an e-mail sent to you with the download link -- but in the case there is an issue of not receiving the e-mail immediately, please download the file via the order confirmation page post-checkout!

For sleepydaze digital products, refunds will NOT be issued.

Sharing or reselling sleepydaze digital downloads is strictly prohibited. Restricted to personal use only. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sharon Clara Smith

I was going to buy the pack for $3.50 but I could not resist on buying the full pack, I could not resist it at all, but when I say it was worth it, it was worth it! This pack came with so many cute, widgets, wallpapers, etc. I already got so many compliments from my iPad, laptop and my phone. People have been telling me how cute my phone is and of course I have to give all of my credit to sleepydaze (Jayne) for making all of these cute wallpapers and widgets for us. She put so much detail into her drawings and wallpapers and they turned out so pretty one day. My dream is to sell wallpapers like her and start my own business. I would like to become a great artist, like her, and her beautiful wallpapers and widgets. Overall, I would rate my purchase, a 9.5 out of 10. It was so worth it and I would not refund it, If you guys want to purchase this pack, I definitely recommend the full pack to purchase. Once again, thank you so much sleepydaze! 💜🩷💜🩷


omg! I really love your theme! ❤️ I didn’t hesitate when I saw this theme, it’s super cute, and I really love it! 🎀


I resisted getting this theme but couldn't hold myself back in the end and I've got no regrets!!!! My phone is soo aesthetic and cute and I've already gotten compliments on it!!! SO CUTE I RECOMMEND!!!

First time!

My oh my, I got sucked into the trend of changing the look of your iPhone. Out of all themes that I have seen, sleepydaze themes looked the cutest and best quality. I chose to go with this pink one. My phone has completely transformed and it feels so different when I use it now (in a good way!!). I appreciate the tutorials that they have included as it made the installation so easy to understand. This is simply amazing! Thank you!

Nicole N
This theme is PINK-tastic!!

Oh my goodness I am completely obsessed with this theme! I was previously using “Have a Lovely Day” and was going to switch to one of the other Sleepydaze themes I currently own (my goal is to eventually own every theme), but then I saw her instagram story post. I couldn’t wait for it to release, and was just thinking to myself the other day, I wonder if she’ll do a pink theme with strawberries to match one of her GORGEOUS Casetify designs at some point?! This theme is EVERYTHING!!

I love all of Jayme’s creations, but this one is definitely in my top 3 favorite themes. I cannot wait to get the deco border case that matches (the Casetify design I was referring to above). Thank You for making another AMAZING theme Jayme aka Sleepydaze 🍓🩷🐻‍❄️